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My practical IT management processes tools are used by thousands of IT managers and executives around the world. These timeless management principles and tools continue to work even though technology changes.

You won’t learn about technology here, but if you’re interested in learning how to manage an IT organization effectively, you have come to the right place. Written in a conversational manner, you will think you are sitting down with me in a one-on-one coaching session.

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—  Bundled sets  —

IT Manager COMBO Series    ($399.00) –  All 14 of my e-books plus a BONUS that includes the IT Manager ToolKit.

Practical IT Manager GOLD Series ($279.00) –  The first 10 e-books of my library plus a BONUS IT Manager ToolKit.

IT Due Diligence and Assimilation Training Program ($495.00) –  Possibly the most comprehensive set of materials in the industry to focus on IT due diligence and assimilation to support a company acquisition. Books, tools, process, and e-learning training.

—  IT Manager ToolKit  —

IT Manager ToolKit    ($175.00) –  102 practical IT management tools to help you achieve more success.  This bundle may be purchased separately for $175.00 or it will be included with your purchase of the IT Manager COMBO Series or the IT Manager Development Series.

—  SINGLE Books  —

IT Management-101: fundamentals to achieve moreIT Management-101: fundamentals to achieve more –  Get it free when you sign up for my free Practical IT Manager Newsletter. This quick read gives you a simple management foundation that’s necessary to manage IT organizations well.

IT Due Diligence: merger and acquisition discovery process ($29.95) –  The first step in managing anything is to assess the situation to learn what to work on and in what priority. This book gives you a process and tools to do just that plus lots of insight on what to look for.

IT Strategy: align your IT vision for business value ($29.95) –  After you assess your situation, it’s time to develop an IT strategy and present to your senior management team. This book explains how and includes a real strategy I developed for a company.

IT Project Management: a practical approach ($29.95) –  Credibility comes by delivering projects successfully, , , doing what you say you will do, , , it will literally set you apart from your peers. You don’t need complex methodologies and tools, just a simple approach and practical tools.

IT Organization: right-size your organization for success  ($29.95) –  Build a organization that delivers great things and that can virtually run on its own. Management needs you to “right-size” the organization so you spend appropriate amounts of money, , , but sufficient to provide the support that’s needed.

IT Staff Motivation and Development: build a world class team ($29.95) –  If you manage people , you better learn how to motivate and develop them. It does not require lots of money, , , that’s a misconception.  I’ll show you how to motivate people using examples of what has worked for me.

IT Asset Management: tracking technology assets  ($29.95) –  You need simple tools and a process to track key technology assets of your company. It will improve your organization’s productivity and provide important information you need from time to time.

IT Budgeting: operational and capital budgeting made easy  ($29.95) –  Learn an effective way to budget for an IT organization using simple tools and process I’ve used in developing hundreds of budgets, , , it will save you time and help you create a realistic and achievable financial plan.

IT Assimilation: consolidating redundant technologies  ($29.95) –  Transitioning smoothly from an IT assessment to making things happen is an essential part of moving into a new management role. Learn some key things to be aware of and tips that will help you make a successful transition.

What To Look For in a CIO: get more value from your IT investment  (29.95) –  The first book I wrote was intended for company executives because many don’t really know what to expect from their IT organizations. This book can help the company executive responsible for IT or anyone aspiring to become a CIO.

21 Secrets21 Secrets Every IT Manager Should MUST Know – Small things truly do make a big difference. This book discusses many of the issues you may be aware of but do not realize how important they are and why you should focus on them. It’s fun reading with true life examples to reinforce each “secret”.

Practical IT Policies and Procedures ($39.00) –  The two most important reasons to develop policies and procedures are to reduce risk and to improve behavior. This book offers a simple development process and 23 sample policies to modify as needed.

Technology Cost Saving Strategies    ($39.00) –   This e-book contains 50 cost saving strategies I’ve used in my IT organizations, and some of them have literally saved our company millions of dollars.  Included is a Cost Saving Strategy tool  that helped us achieve some great savings.

IT Management Models    ($39.00) –  Two books instead of one (a large reference manual and a smaller condensed summary to print and throw in your briefcase). 72 models that can help you communicate key management concepts and even have some fun with them.

Mike Sisco’s IT Manager Articles Collection    ($9.00) –  Over 100 articles I’ve written in one handy PDF publication. Buy it here or get the e-book free with the COMBO Series, , , some great tips in this one.

CLICK HERE to learn about all our bundles and single book and tools offers.

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  1. Great lessons and tools to work with to achieve more success

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