Keep a journal

You may not realize it now but 10, 15, maybe 20 years from now you may look back and discover that right now is one of the very best times of your career.

I’ve had a super career, , , , worked for some great companies, , , worked with some of the best people in the industry, , , and I have truly enjoyed most of the aspects of my 20-plus years working in a corporate setting in IT manager and CIO roles. The last 10 years of running my own training company has been icing on the cake.

There have been a few downside moments but for the most part it has been good.

Something I do now that I wish I had started earlier in my career is to maintain a journal. I actually keep two journals. One is a personal journal and the other is what I call my business journal. Both were started some ten years ago when I started my company.

I don’t write in them every day nor every week and not even every month. I write in them when I want to log something that I feel is an event worth remembering, , , or that I would want my son to read when he is 60 years old long after my career is over and done with.

I add photos, charts, do a little drawing (albeit my artwork is very crude, , , and I use the term “artwork” carefully), and make comments that I believe will be worth recalling when I’m 80 or worth sharing with others.

Things like:

  • How it felt when I received my first set of published books
  • Sitting at the airport for my first trip to South Africa
  • Launching my IT Manager Institute Self Study from The Point at our Camp Liberty cabin
  • Learning something that boosted our business
  • Strategies I put into place to grow the company
  • A special “date night” with my wife
  • A funny event that will make me laugh every time I read about it

Little things, , , big things, , , what is important is that there are things taking place in your life that you will want to remember. I recommend you write them down in a journal because one day you will be mighty happy you wrote a few comments about that special event you had with your employees, , , an award you received from your company, , , how you felt when you finally got the big promotion you’ve been working for, etc.

Keep it simple and make it something that is special for you, , , because if it is it will be special for someone else to read one day.

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