Dinner in the world’s tallest building

Burj Hotel, , , world's tallest building

The Burj is a majestic site

My 42nd IT Manager Institute in Dubai is going great, , , I really like this class. Tonight we held our class dinner in a special place, , , at the Burj Hotel, the world’s tallest building. It is more than twice the height of the Empire State Building in New York City and is an impressive site.

The meal was excellent and we watched the water show outside the restaurant, , , I think everyone had a great time as did I.

View of the water show from our restaurant inside the Burj

Looking up at the tallest building

A great dinner

The Burj stands tallest by far

2 responses to “Dinner in the world’s tallest building

  1. Khaled Almoslih

    Dear mike and mohamed,

    I totally agree with you gentlemen.

    It was a great dinner, and I really enjoyed everthing about it; the meal, the guys, the time we spent on the palcony ..

    Hoping to meet again in the future and experience another great dinner in another exciting loocation in the UAE, hopefully in Abu Dhabi, to meet the friend there, mohammed and Eisa ..

    Looking forward to meet you guys again

    Best Regards,
    Khaled Almoslih, ITBMC

  2. This was the best business dinner that I’ve ever had.

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