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Prioritize your work , , , a video to watch

Yesterday, I posted a short article on How to prioritize IT projects. It’s a good overview, but there is more to take into consideration in prioritizing work.

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Gain additional insight in 19 minutes about things you must consider as you determine the priority of what you work on in your IT organization. 

There are 162 sessions in the 20 Minute IT Manager Series. It is a comprehensive training library for IT managers and focuses on:

  • IT management
  • Project management
  • People management
  • Leadership
  • Professional development

It took Tom Mochal and me over three years to develop this unique training program and it covers virtually every aspect of managing an IT organization. Most sessions include Tools for Success™ or templates you can download.

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The 3-day BIG OFFER we promoted in early December was so successful we decided to make the bundle a permanent item. Every IT manager should have these tools to achieve more success.

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—  #1 — Practical IT Manager e-Book Series
My entire library of 14 IT management e-books. Practical and to the point to help you achieve more success, , , used by thousands of IT managers around the world.
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—  #3  — Mike Sisco’s 20 Minute IT Manager training sessions
A comprehensive online training library of 82, 20-minute e-Learning sessions from the 20 Minute IT Manager. Covers virtually every aspect of managing a successful IT organization, , , over 25 hours of training.
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—  Bonus #1  —  Executive Report
The IT-Business Disconnect: IT Manager Work Behavior – A Key Contributor
Learn about one of the most serious issues facing CEO’s and CIO’s today and why our work behavior plays such a significant role, , , a real eye-opener and information every IT manager needs to know.
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—  Bonus #2  — Executive Report
IT Due Diligence in M&A’s: Minimize Risk and Maximize Opportunity
I’ve led the IT due diligence on 45 company acquisitions and developed an IT due diligence process and tools to boost my productivity in conducting an IT assessment. Gain valuable insight from my experiences in this 25-page Executive Report. 
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These materials will BOOST YOUR CAREER by helping  you:

  • focus your team to deliver tangible business value
  • conduct a thorough IT assessment
  • quantify your company’s business needs and issues
  • develop and present your IT strategy
  • create an appropriate IT organization
  • gain credibility by delivering projects successfully
  • budget more effectively and productively than ever before
  • motivate and develop your team to be world class
  • identify simple measurements to achieve more
  • track and report your IT initiatives easily and effectively
  • deal with difficult clients or problem employees
  • find cost saving opportunities to help your company
  • communicate effectively with clients and employees
  • , , , and much, much more

Knowledge empowers you to achieve more !

This bundle of IT manager training materials is the most comprehensive I’ve ever offered and represents over 20 years of IT management experience and thousands of hours of development work designed to help IT managers achieve more success.



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