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Friday the 13th

Today is Friday, the 13th. It is supposed to be unlucky so be careful.

Are you superstitious?

I never have been but some people are, , , even some on your IT staff are truly concerned about certain things happening that might cause them bad luck. My belief is that you create your own “good luck” by working hard and preparing for what you need to do.

Athletes can be very superstitious, , , especially baseball players. Are any of your people superstitious?

Here are a few superstitions people worry about. Got any from your part of the world? Leave a comment to this post and let us hear them.

Black cats crossing in front of you – Not an issue in our house. Our cat, Boo, is as black as can be and she only brings us good luck.

Walking under ladders – I can see how this could be unlucky. My Dad once tried to move a long extended ladder that was leaning on the side of a cabin and forgot he left his hammer hanging on the top rung. It nearly knocked him out when it slipped off and hit him in the head. Bad luck?

Break a mirror and it is 7 years bad luck – I’ve broken a mirror before and didn’t experience any bad luck, , , but who knows, , , it might have cost me millions of dollars.  🙂

Step on a crack, , , break your Mother’s back  –  This is a weird one I’ve heard all my life, , , not sure I understand it fully.

Have a great day, , , maybe this is your lucky day!!!

Can you identify Mike Sisco?

I have an analytical challenge for you. Can you pick me out of the baseball team photo from my youth? Take a close look at the photo, decide, and answer the poll before you scroll down to see the answer.

1962 Lewis County Dixie Youth Baseball Team

Take a guess in the poll and we will see how many get it. Three clues follow to help you zone in on me. Click on the image for a closer view.

Three clues
First of all, , , a current photo of me is in the right-hand panel of this page, , , it should help you find me on the team photo. Surely, I haven’t changed that much in 49 years.

Got another surprise for you. My brother, Larry, who is 11 months younger than me is also in the team photo and there is one player sitting between us.

Need another tip? I’m wearing a baseball cap and Larry isn’t. This should give you the answer.

Make your best guess in the poll above before scrolling down to see the answer. I’m really interested to see how good your analytical skills are.

, , , , , , ,

, , , , , ,

I’ve had people stop me in an elevator, , , in the airport, , , and in a hotel and ask me if I was “Mike Sisco”. It usually catches me off guard until I learn they are headed to the same meeting as I am.

Got your answer submitted yet?

The answer is below, , , answer the poll before looking, , , no peeking!

, , , , ,

, , , , ,

, , , , ,    here we go , , ,

The red arrow points to me and the blue arrow points to my brother, Larry. I was a little guy as you can see but made up for it by hustling and working harder than the bigger guys. Even my brother who is a year younger always seemed bigger than me.

Don’t wear glasses anymore, , , eye surgery took care of that nuisance.  Sorry for throwing you off track by mentioning the photo on the right-hand column, , , couldn’t help myself.  🙂

Larry is driving up from Florida to visit for a couple of days and thought he might enjoy this photo so I printed it and others I received from an old friend to give him. Terry Jones made these available and is the guy sitting between Larry and me.