“One is the loneliest number” – IT Manager Institute #49

Linda Duntsch didn’t realize she would be the only student in the 49th IT Manager Institute. We knew the class was going to be small as there were just three paid registrations. First, one no-show from Accra, Ghana and another who requested to be allowed to attend the Atlanta class in May. Turns out that the manager who asked to postpone is also from Linda’s company.

Well, , , “The show must go on!”

When Linda told her manager she was the only one in the class, he jokingly suggested she might need “remedial instruction”. It’s obvious she has a good relationship with her manager, , , always a good thing to see.

The great thing about a small class is that we get to know one another a lot more. One of the best aspects of my travels is the opportunity I have to meet so many good people who are striving to succeed as IT managers, , , the most difficult management role in a company.

There was plenty of discussion and Linda achieved her ITBMC certification with one of the best exam scores we have had, , , looks like the “remedial help” worked.

Here are a few photos:

IT Manager Institute #49 – Columbia TN

Dinner with The Sisco’s, , , Mike, Dorine and Eddie

Cajun dinner at River Terraces overlooking the Duck River – always memorable

Small classes are fun and allow considerable more discussion of the material and what the students would like to talk about. Every class is unique with a different “class personality”. Linda made this class fun and interesting.

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