Daily Archives: March 10, 2015

69th IT Manager Institute

The week is almost over. I’ll be delivering the 4th day of the 69th IT Manager Institute today, , , right now it is 5:30am in lovely downtown Dubai.

It’s my 15th trip to Dubai and has become a central point to deliver the program in this part of the world.

Meet IT Manager Institute Class #69

Institute69-4IT Manager Institute #69 – Dubai, UAE – March 2015

Only 8 managers in this one. I like small classes because we can get to know one another better than when we have 20 or more managers. This group of managers is a lot of fun to work with, , , I’m enjoying this class a lot and the week is flying by.

This may be the earliest I have ever posted a class photo of a class, , , normally it is the week after the program. Hmmmm, , , maybe I’m becoming more proactive.