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New sidewalk art

He’s at it again, , , take a look at new art I discovered. Everything is drawn with chalk on a flat surface.

Watch your step!

The baby is real

Mountain Dew saves the world 🙂

Didn’t you always wonder where Santa letters went?

More sidewalk art – new

Here are some new 3d sidewalk art works – amazing work.

Self portrait?

How did he get to the top of this pole?

At work with a new creation

The underground world is amazing, isn’t it?

More sidewalk art

Here is more amazing 3d sidewalk art, , , everything is done with chalk on a flat surface, , , simply amazing what this guy can do.

The lady sitting on top of the beer is real and so is he, , , the beer is chalk

Look close and you can see the sidewalk cracks

He likes to do swimming pool art