Cost Savings Initiative tools

In today’s tight economy, the IT organization should be shining like a bright star. Your IT organization is the only organization in the company that can positively affect the productivity or cost of all organizations in your company.

IT has true leverage if you decide to use it, , , and in tough times, senior management needs your help.

In 1991, our company was preparing to take the company public. To do so we needed to be able to show consistent growth and profitability. We ultimately achieved this objective with a highly successful public offering in 1992 because we implemented an aggressive cost savings initiative throughout our company. Without it, our 3rd and 4th quarters of 1991 would have been poor and destroyed our chances of a successful public stock offering.

Download the Cost Savings Initiative below and take a look at the 20 Minute IT Manager that discusses this topic. Get aggressive with cost savings and you can make a difference for your company, , , and IT will shine like the bright star it is.

CLICK HERE to access the 20 Minute IT Manager session

CLICK HERE to download the Cost Saving spreadsheet tool

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