Daily Archives: May 29, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

This coming Monday is Memorial Day where we celebrate the commitments of those who have fought for our country’s freedom and liberty. Dorine, Eddie, and I will spend it on the Buffalo River at our Camp Liberty, , , appropriately named because we have a 9-foot Statue of Liberty in the yard looking up the river.

When we bought the camp, we initially thought the statue was, , , well, different. Very quickly she started to grow on us and now we wouldn’t move her for anything – part of the character of our camp.

See more photos of Camp Liberty at www.mde.net/liberty

In America, this is one of our major holiday weekends and the launch of summer time, , , swimming pools open, , , vacations begin, , , graduations, , , weddings, , , you name it.

We are thinking we will go have a picnic at Amber Falls, our favorite little winery nearby. If so, I’ll take a photo or two and post onto the BLOG.

Planning to do some work this weekend, , , in the middle of a major writing project and also planning to release an option for my self study program that many have been asking for. The nice thing about Camp Liberty is having wireless through satellite so I can work.

Looking forward to a great weekend with my family and a few friends. Started out right last night with a catfish dinner with Dorine, Eddie, and my 2nd Mom – Miss Sue. Great time.