Start New Employees Quickly with an IT Employee Orientation Checklist

Have you ever had another manager in your company come running to you requesting a PC for a newly hired employee who just started with the company?

This manager may not have a place for their new employee to sit, but the employee won’t be productive until they have a PC. Even though it’s not your IT organization’s fault, you still get blamed if the PC isn’t deployed immediately.

What’s worse is that the manager who failed to prepare for the new employee has created a morale problem within his own organization. You see, other employees are joking and discussing among themselves about how poorly prepared we are for our new employee.

Don’t let this happen to you or one of your IT managers.

Take charge of the situation by organizing and preparing yourself for when a new employee joins your team.

You can do this quickly and easily with a New Employee Orientation Checklist.

Tool_New IT Employee Orientation

There are several things you want to accomplish such as:

  • Getting a cube or office set up and ready for the employee to move in
  • Ordering equipment and supplies
  • Scheduling first day orientation sessions and a meeting with HR for new employee paperwork
  • Introducing the employee to key components of the business
  • Bringing the employee up to speed on what’s going on within the company and the IT support organization
  • A quick tour of the building facilities

Using a checklist like the one I developed and used will help you start a new employee quickly and productively plus it sets the tone that your organization is organized and focused.

It’s a big deal for employee morale, , , both for the new employee joining your team as well as your existing employees who see what’s going on.

CLICK HERE to download a customizable IT Employee Orientation Checklist

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