What I like about my job !!!

I just posted comments about an article I read about “CIO burnout”.

It made me stop and think about, “why I like my job”.

I’ve worked for some great companies in my career and have had some great responsibilities, , , I can honestly say that I’ve truly enjoyed the “jobs” I’ve had in my career, , , well, for the most part. Certainly, in over 30 years there have been a couple of situations that we don’t like to talk about.

Here is an exercise for you. Take 10 minutes (no more) and write down 10 things you like (maybe even love) about your current job, or current position.

If you can’t think of 10 things in ten minutes, , , you better start taking your pulse of where you are.

Here is my 10 “most likes” about my job as the CEO of MDE Enterprises, Inc.

  1. I’m helping IT managers all over the world achieve more success, and I love developing IT managers.
  2. I get to travel to some very interesting places.
  3. I get to work and meet with some of the best people in the world.
  4. I have a flexible work schedule that allows me to work from a home office and be close to my family (sometimes working from home can be difficult because you never really get away from the work).
  5. I love what I do and get to focus on what I want to do, , , for the most part, except when the “boss” (that’s my wife Dorine) needs me to do something.
  6. I get feedback from managers all over the world about the benefits and value they are receiving from my books, tools, or training, , , it’s a great feeling.
  7. No politics in my company, , , as long as I say, “Yes Ma’am” at the end of our discussions, I’m in good shape.
  8. I get to dress casually every day at the office and even when teaching my classes.
  9. I can work from Camp Liberty, , , or virtually anywhere in the world.
  10. My business is pretty simple and allows me to use my creativity.

This is just a quick list that came to mind in less than 10 minutes. I probably missed something important but that doesn’t matter. The point is that I love what I do and thinking through this exercise reinforces it to me.

That’s a “two thumbs up”!!

I hope your list has lots of positives and you can say the same thing about your job.

Leave a comment to this post, , , I would like to hear what you think.

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