Our neighbors up the river from our Camp Liberty have a black labrador retriever named “River”, , , pretty appropriats as she stays in the Buffalo River quite a bit. To see her swimming alongside a canoe or just crossing the river is neat. She is as comfortable in the water as on land.

River is not only smart; she will play with you all day long, , , retrieving balls, sticks, even rocks. Here are some photos:

Yesterday, she played in the river with some people swimming and they were lobbing rocks to her. She went under the water to retrieve each rock and take it promptly to the bank. I thought our last flood created the rocky beach across from us (in the left background above), , , but from what I observed yesterday I’m not so sure, , , it may heve been built by River, , , one rock at a time. She will play and retrieve things as long as you are willing to play. 

River watches the Buffalo River after her play time.

River and Miss Liberty – two icons on the Buffalo River

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