WordPress tutor

Over the long weekend I gave two WordPress tutorials to a couple of my friends who need to develop new web sites.

First there is Kenny Graves, my wife’s cousin and a good friend of mine since high school. I’ve known Kenny most of my life and have learned a lot from him, , , he was my high school band director and became “part of my family” when Dorine and I got married.

Kenny has a small photography business and does volunteer work for the City of Hohenwald, our home town. He just completed revamping a section of the old Strand Theater in Hohenwald to display the work of local artists. This new section is called the Strand Art Gallery. Kenny wants to develop a web site to promote awareness of the art  gallery, the artists it represents, and to promote tourist activities and events for the city of Hohenwald.

Next there is Dan Tankersley who I first met in 1994 when my company purchased his company. Our families have become great friends and Dan has even accompanied me on two trips to South Africa because of the generous assistance he has given my company over the years. When Dan and Judy visited us this weekend, I gave Dan a quick lesson on WordPress as well.

Dan has written a book called, The Rain, and sells it from Amazon.com and a web site that he’s been wanting to rebuild for several months. He also has other work and a new book coming that he wants to promote online. After a short tutorial on WordPress, he is ready to go. Dan seems as impressed as I was at the simplicity and productivity of WordPress.

Kenny and Dan’s web sites are now under construction and will soon be available.

What’s my point?
In your company, you want to be able to communicate in many different ways, , , and WordPress or tools like it give you a lot of power and capability to do just that, , , plus it is free and easy to use:

Here are some examples of typical company needs that WordPress and similar tools can help you with:

  • Company client updates and announcements
  • Company newsletter to all employees
  • A weekly “Message from the President” blog
  • IT status updates to internal company managers
  • Human Resources department updates
  • Sales organization announcements
  • Any department manager’s communication with employees

If I were a CIO today, I would use the WordPress blog and web page development tools to help me communicate from our IT organization and would also make other department managers aware of the capability and benefits these tools can give them.

Now, these tools don’t eliminate the need to communicate with people in traditional ways, , , they just help you communicate more effectively overall.

Things that are easy for us are not always easy for others simply because they haven’t been exposed to it. I’m confident that Kenny and Dan will make quick progress in developing the web presence they are looking for.

Learn more about WordPress at www.wordpress.com.

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