A sad day

Yesterday was a tough day for us, , , we had to let Corky go after 14 years. If you have every owned a dog, you know how close you get and how special a good one is, , , Corky was one of our best and will be missed a great deal.

My favorite photo of Corky and Boo (our Security Officer and Social Director after partying all night).

As an IT manager, it’s important to focus on the positives and avoid dwelling on the negatives. Yesterday was certainly a tough day for us but what we remember most are the fun times we had with Corky.

You are going to have some tough days as you manage an IT organization. Just remember, today may be difficult and even make you want to question what you are doing with your life, , , while tomorrow may become one of the best days ever. Be positive and optimistic about your future and it often turns out that way.

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