Reward desired behavior as well as successes

blue ribbonIt’s important to reward people for the successes achieved in your organization, but it’s also important to reward the behavior you want from the team.

You see, what gets rewarded gets emulated by others who see these things being recognized and rewarded.

Want your people to follow-up better? Find a way to recognize a positive action of one of your people in this area and reward them for it. Make an example of it.

Need people to ask for help when they run into challenges with one of their project tasks? Show the project team it is an example of strength when someone asks for help early enough so we can do something and avoid putting the project at risk, , , reward someone for asking for help.

There are hundreds of things you can do to reward the behavior you want in your organization. The key is you need to stop and think about the behavior you need on the team to mold your people into a highly effective IT support organization.

Are any behavior traits coming to mind that you want to reinforce with your team?

Think about the following list, , , just a small portion of behavior traits to consider:

  • Follow-up
  • Strong communication
  • Punctuality
  • “Going the extra mile” for a client
  • Helping a teammate
  • Being organized
  • Asking for help
  • Making good recommendations
  • Doing something to prevent support problems
  • Escalating a problem issue
  • Over communicating when needed
  • High work quality or high productivity
  • Positive handling of a client issue
  • Positive recognition of a fellow employee
  • Proactively working on a critical project task

Recognition needs to be for more than just for completing projects successfully. You want to encourage your team to be professional in how they go about their work as well.

An organization’s professionalism and client service reputation is built on not only what you accomplish but also how you go about it, , , i.e. the behavior of your team.

An IT organization’s reputation is solid only if the manager chooses to pay attention to it.

If not, your reputation will evolve based upon what’s going on and how your people handle the support business. Take charge of the situation by encouraging best practice behavior, , , you do this by recognizing and rewarding the desired behavior you want.

It’s difficult to force people to do things, but they will follow examples of positive behavior when they see it recognized and rewarded by their manager.

One response to “Reward desired behavior as well as successes

  1. idris adekunle

    Olubuddy,good one!more adi-agbon to your elbow! Cheers!keep the flag flying.

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