I’m liking Evernote

EvernoteMy brother told me about a product called Evernote a year ago, maybe longer. I took a quick look at it but didn’t do anything, , , looked like a simple list or note app to me and not much more.

I was wrong, , , again.

Evernote is a great little Note and List Application, but you can do more. Here are some quick features that make it worth looking at:

  • It’s free (premium version also available)
  • Create multiple Notebooks , , , great for organization
  • Sits on the cloud so most devices can get to your latest update
  • Nice search capability
  • Easy to move notes around
  • Great capture capability
    • From email
    • Web sites (full page or highlighted sections)
    • Web site urls
    • Photos
    • Record audio

Evernote buttonI’m finding that the more I use Evernote the more I tend to save things, , , items I wouldn’t have even thought about saving before.

A great use that helps me is that when I see something in email or browsing the Internet that I think I want to remember, , , a quick snapshot goes into one of my Evernote notebooks.

It’s great for collecting article ideas that I might want to write about in the future. I used to do this with a hardbound notebook and it was great but it adds weight to the briefcase and no one needs that.

It’s also great for simply making notes to myself, , , you know, those great ideas that pop into your head that you want to remember, , , but the next day you can’t!! Probably never happens to you but it does with me all the time, , , or it used to but not anymore.

I’ve also started putting my To Do List  on Evernote – in fact, I have a Notebook called To Do List. This allows me to list all the things I need to do at some point (my master list) but also highlight what needs to be done this week (my priority list). The other neat thing is that when I complete a To Do item I can check it as completed or scratch through the item so it’s easy to see, , , even copy it to a Completed List to keep track of what I’ve accomplished if I want to.

Evernote is much easier and more accessible than the EXCEL spreadsheets I used for many things before. It is a tool that makes my life better

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