Where has Mike Sisco been?

meeting-4If you follow me on ITLever.com, you know that I try to post several new IT manager tips and tools every month, , , but I’ve been very quiet for a few months, , , well, actually since June of last year or 9 months in all.

Where have you been, Mike Sisco?


You see, I took on a consulting engagement as an Interim IT Director for a hospital that we thought would last three to four months, , , but it lasted for 7 1/2 months, , , from July 2012 to mid-February of this year.

suitcaseIn doing this work, it took every ounce of energy I had. I would drive to the location  every Monday morning leaving by 4:30am in order to arrive around 8:30am the hospital’s time and return home on Friday. The project took all of my concentration and focus, and living at a hotel is not one of my primary career pursuits.

I don’t normally take on consulting work, , , especially a project that lasts as long as this one. I took it because a friend identified the need and it looked like a situation that would be both interesting work to do and something that was a good fit for where I could help them, , , it worked out well for both of us. I’m glad I took the project as it always helps keep you fresh when you get back into “corporate life” now and then.

As soon as I completed the contract, I held two IT Manager Institute classes, , , my 7th in Dubai in late February and another just last week in my home town of Columbia, TN, , , Institutes #54 and #55. You might say, I’ve been on the IT Manager Institute trail recently.

IT Manager Institute bus

Well, I’m happy and excited to be able to get back into the swing of things with my MDE business. We have an exciting year planned for 2013 with many new projects that will unfold in the months ahead, , , several that are essentially completed and ready to launch but had to be put on hold due to my schedule.

Expect to see me posting more IT manager tips and tools in the future.

4 responses to “Where has Mike Sisco been?

  1. Thanks for the update. I was getting worried 🙂

    Look forward to reading your stuff.

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Thanks Kevin, , , it was a great project that took me on a “walkabout” as they say in Australia. Glad to be back and I have many ideas for new material that you will be seeing from me in the months ahead. Appreciate your positive comment.

  2. Good to see you back Mike. We missed your invaluable advice on this website.

    • Thank you Harish, , , good to see your comment and appreciate the positive feedback. I’m excited about the articles and tools I’ll be adding to ITLever in the future.

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