So proud of my wife

After months and months of encouragement, , ,  my wife, Dorine, has started a new Blog called DorinesPlace. Check it out at

Family is a very important thing to me and I’m extremely fortunate to have such a supportive wife and a super, fun loving son. If not for Dorine’s support, there is no way I would be doing the work I do now, , , and I love my work more than ever.

She has been there every step of the way, , , in good times and bad, , , and always sees the positives of things. Last year we celebrated our 40th year of marriage. Hard to believe.

Why did I want her to Blog? Pretty simple, , , Dorine is very talented and can do just about anything , , , much like her Dad could do when he was alive. Dorine paints, decorates, sews, quilts, and can create a wonderful array of things people like. Did I mention what a great cook she is?

I wanted her to start a Blog because I think she has a lot to share with others and she is also one of those people who laughs a lot. Just a fun person to be around. Granted, much of her laughter is probably because of something silly or shall I say “dumb” things I do, , , but hearing her laugh is a neat thing.

CLICK HERE to check out DorinesPlace, , , and feel free to leave her a comment telling her you heard about her BLOG from ITLever.

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