Daily Archives: February 12, 2011

Your Administrative Assistant makes a difference

I’ve been blessed in being able to work with several strong Administrative Assistants, or Secretaries, in my career. Two in particular were tremendous support resources.

In a recent consulting engagement, the Vice President’s administrative assistant who supported me told me, “You really know how to work with an Administrative Assistant.”

My response was easy, , , “I worked with two of the best who taught me how to work with an administrative support person.”

It may not occur to you, but a good administrative assistant can help or hinder your success. In many ways this person is the face and voice into your organization. If you are fortunate to have a positive and extremely effective person supporting you and your organization, it will make a big difference.

Here is a quick list of what a good Administrative Assistant can do for you:

  1. Improve your productivity, , , BIG TIME
  2. Maintain your schedule and get you where you need to be
  3. Make your presentations more professional
  4. Help you maintain technology assets inventories
  5. Draft many of your correspondences
  6. Coordinate and organize meetings
  7. Develop standard weekly and monthly reports
  8. Organize and supervise an office move
  9. Coordinate the orientation of newly hired IT employees
  10. Screen your mail, calls, and visitors

Good secretaries can be hard to find, , , when you do find a good one, treat them well, , , they are worth their weight in gold.

Do you have examples of what a great Administrative Assistant can do to help your IT organization succeed? Post a comment below and share your experiences with others.