A simple request if you read this post

I’m often amazed at how small the world is. I’m sure you have discovered it as well when you are thousands of miles from home and accidentally bump into someone you know.

It also amazes me at times at how many people I get to know from around the world who follow my work in the IT management space.

Here is my request, , ,
Post a short comment to this post and include your city and country to let me know where you are reading this post from.

Today is Sunday, September 18th so it will be interesting to see how many comments we get, where they come from, and for how long people will read and comment to support my little “just for fun” test.

92 responses to “A simple request if you read this post

  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for sharing practical info, experiences and tips. Have been followed your posts quick some times.

    YewBoon from Penang, Malaysia.

  2. Hi Mike,
    reading your post from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Many thanks
    for the valuable assistant . Hope to meet you someday .
    zahabidin jupri – UTM johor bahru

    • Thank you Johor,
      I appreciate you posting a reply and telling us “Hello” from Malaysia, , , you are literally on the other side of the globe from us. Best regards and success.

      • Theodore Heinle

        I am one of the very first members of dpp10, in fact I was the Marine who retrieved the sign (the in your group photo in K bay. Our skipper (Cap Benton) and I hung the sign for the very first time in Chu Lei which was the first combat deployment for DPP 10 .. Semper Fi. Sgt T L Heinle

  3. Mike,
    Totally overlooked this in my overloaded inbox. As a participant in the FIRST IT Manager Institute, I salute you on 8 years of helping all of us IT Managers Achieve More.

    Cheers from St. Louis, MO

    • Thanks Richard,
      The first Institute that you attended was small but it confirmed there was a real need for the information and insight I could provide. It helped catapult many of the products and services we offer today.

      We are about to complete our 9th year of delivering the IT Manager Institute, , , 46 of them delivered so far, , , and we are well positioned for a great year in 2012.

      Thanks again for your continued support.

  4. Best resource on the Internet on IT Management!
    It was great meeting you in person last week, Mike! Really enjoyed the course and all the insights.

    Mujtaba Alibhai
    Toronto, Canada

    • Muj, , , thank you so much. I enjoyed getting to know you in class. Hope you achieve many successes with the new information and tools. If I’m ever in Toronto, I will try to give you a shout.
      Best of success,

  5. Hi Mike!
    It was great to meet you this week at the Institute!

    Karen Hoover
    Application Development Manager
    Indianapolis, IN

  6. Lutsk, Ukraine

  7. Hi Mike. Casper here from Lephalale, South Africa. IT Manager for a large coal power station project. Will use the skills and tips I get from reading your invaluable emails to become a Group IT Manager or Head of IT in the next couple of weeks! 🙂

  8. Hi Mike, received from Linkediin email. Kennesaw, GA

    Walt Foster

  9. Hi Mr. Sisco,

    Salvador here from Tijuana, Mexico.

    Thank you for the best, most practical, put immediately to work IT Management information on the Internet!

    Was really, really, really making and effort to attend your course this year but just couldn’t make it happen. Sometimes things happen or don’t for a reason, but I’m really positive I will be attending one of your courses soon.

    Best wishes.

    • Hello Salvador,
      I also think things happen for a reason, , , maybe we will meet one day. Thank you for the positive comments. I visited Tijuana a few times when I was stationed in San Diego many years ago.

      Best of success in your IT manager opportunity,

  10. Hi Mike,
    Alford Deaver, reading online from Stanfield, NC, USA!

    • Thank you Alford,
      I lived in Jacksonville, NC when stationed at Camp Lejeune many years ago, , , remember it being very hot and liked the area a lot.

      Appreciate you taking time to post a comment.
      Best of success,

  11. Hi Mike,
    You have such amazing experiences and tips to share. I am in the IT service management team in my organization and I get a lot wiser with every of your post I read.

    Thanks for sharing.

    This is Banks from Lagos, Nigeria

    • Hi Adebanke,
      Thank you so much for the positive comment. I have been to Lagos twice and have many IT managers and CIO’s from Lagos who have attended my IT Manager Institute.

      Best of success in your IT manager pursuits keep posting comments,

  12. You have incredible materials of great help to IT managers of this world.. I am looking at investing in ITBMC in the near future – I am reading this post from Nairobi, Kenya.Keep up the good work.

    • I appreciate it John. Thank you for the positive comments. Never been to Kenya but have heard it is quite something.

      Best of success, , , hope to meet you in an IT Manager Institute one day.

  13. Hello Mike,
    This is Ariel Phiri ITBMC from Lusaka Zambia, from the 40th IT Manger institute class 20th-24th September 2010, . It ‘s been a year, already. Keep on with the good work and all the best.

    • Hello Ariel,
      So good to hear from you and hope you are doing well and achieving many successes. Wow, how time flies, , , doesn’t seem that long ago when you were sitting in my class.

      Best of success,

  14. Mike,

    I am from Solwezi, Zambia in Central africa. Always enjoys your articles.


  15. Hi Mike,
    I live in Solwezi,Zambia, Central Africa. I have been a consistent follower of your articles since my start of IT career, three years ago. I enjoy the articles and look forward next year to do ITBCM.

    Thanks you

  16. Hi Mike ,

    This is Shamshad , reading from INDIA .

    • Hello Shamshad,
      Thank you for taking time to post from India. I hope you enjoy the articles and will continue to review them in the future.
      Best of success,

  17. Dear Mike,
    wish you the best from Cairo,Egypt

    • Thank you Ahmed,
      I wish you well also, , , appreciate you posting. One of my students this week is originally from Cairo, Egypt, , , now lives in Saudi Arabia.
      Best of success,

  18. Hi Mike,
    I live in Appleton, Wisconsin, but I am responding to your post from Harrisonburg, Virginia this week!
    Thanks, Paul

  19. I’m reading this from (and live in) Fargo, ND.

  20. Hi Mike, I’m a few miles (okay a couple hundred) north of you in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    • Hello Mikew,
      Thank you. I’ve spent a lot of time in my youth in Cincinnati as my grandparents lived there. We always liked your zoo and the Reds.
      Best regards and success,

  21. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the valuable assistant . I wish you all the success ,,, hope to meet you someday . thanks for IT Managment 101 free e-book …..
    Vartan Asoian – Baghdad / IRAQ

  22. Carlos Castaneda from Stockholm, Sweden.

    • Hello Carlos,
      Stockholm, , , you are the 2nd person to read my post from there. I appreciate you taking time to make a post and let us know you are reading the ITLever blog posts.
      Best regards,

  23. Hello.
    St. Jacobs ON, Canada.

  24. Hi Mike! Checking in from Clear Lake, Iowa. Thanks for your dedication to IT Managers!

    • Hi Cyndi,
      Good to hear from you and thank you for your post. Don’t know if I’ve been to Clear Lake but have been to Dubuque and Cedar Rapids. Sounds like it might be nice.

      Appreciate your positive comment and also for you attending Institute #38 last year. Hope you are achieving many successes.

  25. Hi Mike! Reading from Lagos, Nigeria.

    Hoping to be in one of your LIVE classes in the nearest future. You’ve had a great impact in my life both personal and career wise.

    Many thanks.

    Gbemi Banwo
    Chams Plc

    • Thank you Gbemi,
      I hope to meet you as well and appreciate your positive comments, , , makes my day and reaffirms what the hard work is for.

      Many successes in life and profession, , , thanks again.

  26. Mike,
    Thanks for all the great information. I’m in Huntsville, AL.

    Brad Smith
    Senior IT Specialist

    • Thank you Brad, , , you are just down the road a short way from us, , , maybe 90 miles?
      Appreciate you taking time to make a post and hope you achieve many successes.

  27. Hi Mike,

    Reading in Northampton, UK.

  28. Topeka, KS

  29. Shane Lewis – St. Petersburg, FL

  30. Hi Mike,

    Reading from Milwaukee, WI.

    • Hi Beth,
      Good to hear from you again, , , been a while since you attended IT Manager Institute #4 in 2004, , , I’ll deliver #46 this week. Lots of updates and new content since you attended.

      Appreciate your post, , , many successes to you,

  31. Alexandria, Virginia, founded 1749
    I work in Old Town, about two miles south of National Airport and four miles south of the Pentagon.

  32. Hi Mike. This is Tom from Atlanta (Kennesaw) Georgia, USA.

  33. Kamlesh from Dubai..

    • Hello Kamlesh,
      Thank you, , , hoping to return to Dubai in February. If so, it will be my 5th IT Manager Institute in Dubai. I like Dubai very much.
      Best regards,

  34. Please keep the insightful posts flowing and thanks for the sharing these.
    I am in Gaborone, Botswana.

    Thato Kewakae
    Head of Special Projects

    • Hello Thato,
      Several students from Botswana have attended my Institute. They tell me of the elephants in your country, , , some amazing stories.
      Thank you for your post and best of success,

  35. Claire Hernandez, ITBMC
    Project Manager
    ASI Tech Group

    New Jersey

    • Thanks Claire, , , hope you all are doing well in New Jersey.
      Do you remember asking me in class if we had HBO down here in the south? Got it last week, , , took longer to get electricity than we originally thought. 🙂

      Have a great week,

  36. I am posting from Renton, Washington and I agree it is a small world.

  37. Reading this post from Grapevine in the great state of Texas. Thanks for all the great info you provide!

  38. Hi Mike.
    I’m in Vaughan (Maple) Ontario, Canada. We’re the city with the tag line “The City Above Toronto”, which really ticks them off, apparently, thanks to the double meaning. (We’re really just north of Toronto.)
    … AL

    • Hi Al,
      I flew through Toronto in late March, , , you guys still had lots of snow.

      I appreciate the comment and clarifying your city tag line, , , funny. I’ve had many Canadians attend my IT Manager Institute, , , always a rowdy bunch, , , in a good way.

  39. Reading from Paducah, KY. I trust you are having a good day.

  40. You are very correct,
    Uwanna, Lagos, Nigeria

  41. Hi Mike,

    I am reading your post from Amman – Jordan , thanks for your effort. hope to see you in Amman.

  42. Moscow, Russia

  43. reading from Abu Dhabi, UAE

  44. Hi Mike,

    Good to hear from you, any plans on coming to New Delhi, India.


  45. Wichita, KS – USA

  46. Hi Mike! While I live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, today I am reading your post from Stockholm, Sweden! Keep up the great work Mike, thanks for all you do!

    Kelly Reed, ITBMC
    Global IT Manager
    Purcell Systems, Inc.

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