Daily Archives: September 8, 2011

Who are your sponsors?

Have you taken a moment to consider who your sponsors and supporters are in your company?

You need them at all levels:

  • Senior managers
  • Department managers
  • Users
  • IT employees

Senior managers are valuable allies and can help you  so it’s vitally important to develop a relationship with them and also to create credibility with them. These guys need to be able to trust you will do what you say you will do.

Department managers and their staff (Users) are the ones who use the technology you support the most. Better develop a partnership with them and gain their support or life is going to be difficult for you.

You even need your IT employees to sponsor what you are doing. If they do not believe in their manager and endorse where you are trying to take the team, , , it probably won’t happen.

You need sponsors all around you. Take a moment to take an honest and objective inventory of who your sponsors are.

Be honest with yourself when you do this!

First, list the people in your company who you believe you need their sponsorship, , , including your key employees.

Next, put a check mark beside the ones you truly believe you have a solid relationship with and who sponsor you when they talk about what your IT organization does for your company.

Do you have a few names listed but do not have a check mark? If so, you now know who you need to work on, , , develop a plan to gain their support and make it happen.