Daily Archives: September 7, 2011

Lose credibility when you disparage others

You should never disparage or criticize others to a client or an employee. Every time you do it hurts your credibility.

When I worked for IBM in the old days, , , late 70’s and early 80’s, , , there was an employee guideline that deterred the practice of disparaging against a competitor. We were not supposed to say anything negative about a competitor when we communicated with clients and prospects.

The reason this “non-disparage” guideline was enforced was because IBM knew when an employee made a negative comment about the competitor it actually only succeeded in making the individual and the company lose credibility.

This principle holds true in your company and within your IT organization.

If you can’t say something positive about your client, , , it is better to say nothing at all.

Coach your employees to take the high road and discuss things in a positive and helpful  light versus being critical of others. True leaders and professionals speak to the positive merits of things and do not try to run someone else down in order to boost themselves up.

High detail people like most of us are in the IT world can be a bit cynical and tend to criticize others. When you do it makes you come across as jealous or insecure and hurts your credibility. It also makes people wonder what you are saying about them when they aren’t around.

Stay above the fray and negative chatter and people will see you as a stronger professional and someone they want to work with and trust.