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Happy Birthday – MDE Enterprises, Inc.

Our company turns 11 today, , , Happy Birthday to MDE.

So much has happened in 11 years and my work has taken me to many places around the world I never would have thought I would visit in my lifetime, , , even a few places in the US.

Here are some of my favorite thoughts along this journey.

How great it felt when I received copies of my first book, IT Management-101.

Getting my first Internet order
I was sitting at my desk at 1:00am when I receive an email titled “Invoice”. I take a quick look and it is an order for What To Look For in a CIO, , , my very first order. It was all I could do to keep from shouting out a big HOORAY! It would be the first of thousands of online orders.

My first IT Manager Institute. Only three students but Edward Makwaia came all the way from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Africa.

Visiting Africa, , , not one trip but seven trips so far to South Africa, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Class dinner in the world’s tallest building in Dubai, UAE.

Completing the IT Manager Institute Self Study and launching it from “the point” at our Camp Liberty

The amazing elephant herd and hippo family encounter in South Africa. See the entire sequence of events at https://itlever.com/2010/08/02/photos-from-my-south-africa-safari/

Taking Dorine with me to Aruba.

Amazing trips to Ljubljana, Slovenia, especially the trip with Dorine and our visit to Venice.

How much I like Canadians

Surprise birthday party in Lagos, Nigeria in 2009.

Taking Dan Tankersley to South Africa with me
Dan has been a great friend and has contributed quite a lot to where we are today. He never asked for anything back, so I took him to South Africa, , , twice. Makes a long journey much more fun when you have a friend to travel with and someone to go eat dinner with. Thanks Dan!

Discovering new friends all over the world
Because of my books and training programs I have been able to meet IT managers from all parts of the world. It has been amazing to be part of helping others achieve more success and being able to work with so many from different cultures and experiences.

These are just a few of the hundreds of great memories over the past eleven years, , , hoping the next eleven are just as much fun and rewarding.