Photos from my South Africa safari

Last week, I delivered the 40th IT Manager Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was a super class with every participant getting their IT Business Manager Certification (ITBMC).

The week was capped off with a full day safari at Pilanesberg Game Reserve. Here are some of the photos I took. The first set of 12 elephant photos was an awesome experience as you will see in the sequence of events.

Herd of 10 elephants headed our direction to a water hole

They form a tighter group as they approach the road

Flanking the youngest for protection, , , they sense something ahead

One of the adults eases toward a group of hippos who also have a “small” one

Larger adult elephants begin forming a barrier

The big bull (far left) is ready for action (ears flared) as the little guy catches up

The herd begins to move on and the big bull stands guard – ears are still flared. Hippos are also grouped to protect their little one

Two adult elephants stand guard as the rest move away from the hippos

The big bull moves off with the herd leaving an adult posted

The guard stands his ground until the herd is safely away

The herd is out of range so the guard elephant turns

A 2nd adult returns to defend the guard elephant as he leaves, , , just in case

Papa elephant, , , goes anywhere he wants to

Life is just a box of chocolates (Forrest Gump)

Giraffe at the water hole

It’s a long way down to the water for these guys

This giraffe watched while the other giraffe drank water

Beautiful and very, very tall

Giraffe’s head cocks as he senses the wildebeast approaching from behind

More giraffes eating from the tree tops

“Her Mama thinks she is good looking!” – wildebeast are plentiful

He is called Pumba in the movie Lion King, , , warthogs move comfortably with the deer

Zebra on the move

Which type of zebra is this? White with black stripes or black with white stripes?

Not sure what type of deer this is, , , beautiful and not afraid

Large buck stands guard on the perimeter of his group

Our gang on the path to the water hole observatory

A photo of the Ruth’s at the end of our day of safari

This trip was great, , , super class that I got to know quite well. I owe Herbert Ruth a real debt of gratitude for helping me put this one together and in sharing the real Africa wildlife experience with me.

It was a trip I will always remember.

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