Top 10 Posts of 2010

We started the ITLever Blog last May and in a short time we have posted over 200 IT manager tips, tools, , , and some Just for Fun items.

Here are what I consider to be some of my best ITLever posts in 2010. Hope you enjoyed the tips and tools as much as I have enjoyed posting them.

1.  Business value is key

2.  Do you know what your team is getting accomplished?

3.  Address poor performers proactively

4.  10 ways to eliminate paper and incur BIG cost savings

5.  A question I get quite often

6.  Photos from my South Africa safari

7.  Ten ways to improve client service

8.  Bottlenecks will “thwart” your progress

9.  Why some managers get promoted over others

10.  What vs. Why

Share this post with your colleagues, , , there is something in this list for everyone who cares about managing technology resources well.

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