Eagle watching this weekend

We are at our Camp Liberty for the 4th of July weekend and planning to have a super weekend. Will do some work around the camp today and get ready for the cookout tomorrow, , , then chill out and do some major relaxing late afternoon and evening.

It’s so peaceful on the river and we enjoy our times we can spend down here. We stumbled onto this property after looking for some river property in this area for more than 4 years. Our friends who have a camp up river say it is a “miracle camp that was meant to be Mike, Dorine, and Eddie’s”.

We have bald eagles on the river. We have seen a couple but it’s rare to see them. An impressive sight to see a bald eagle in flight or perched on top of one of the trees overlooking the river. I got the photo above last year.

Big cookout tomorrow with family and friends. It will be a small group, only about 15 of us. Nothing quite like a July the 4th cookout, , , means a lot to us in the states. I look forward to it every year.

Nothing really special planned, just grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, Dorine’s potato salad and baked beans, , , maybe a beverage or two or three, , , even some home made ice cream. Well, when I start listing it all, , , it is very special, especially when you throw in friends and family !!

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