Technology can create industry paradigm shifts

IT managers, you have an ability to create huge amounts of change for the good of your company. So much so that technology can literally create a paradigm shift for a company or an entire industry.

Want to see the impact technology can have on an entire industry and literally turn it upside down?

Four examples:
1.  Airline industry –  When American Airlines developed its proprietary passenger scheduling software called SABRE, it eventually spun off a whole new industry and put power into the hands of the consumer.


Companies like Expedia and Travelocity now give us all access to the best price options for virtually any trip we want to take and from all commercial airlines. Plus it provides access to the information easily and anonymously. This action created a whole new level of airline competition because now the consumer can look at all possible options and make informed decisions.

2.  Grocery industry –  Before scanning, vendors told grocery stores where they wanted to place their items and how much they would charge to put their items in the best locations in the store.

Scanning turned this scenario upside down. Once items were scanned and grocery store owners had the data with solid sales statistics, the grocery industry began telling vendors where they could put their product and how much product they would take, sometimes even charging for prime shelf space.

Remember, he who has the data has the power !!

3.  Banking industry – Do you think the ATM machine created any change for the banks? Absolutely, they did. No longer do we stand in line to get our money, , , we go to any of thousands upon thousands  of ATM machines in all types of locations and in all parts of the world , , , in grocery stores, at McDonalds, casinos, , , yes, even banks.

And what about Internet banking – WOW, , , they just made my monthly check payment ritual much faster and easier, , , and the banks don’t need as many employees. You gotta love technology, don’t you?

4.  Publishing industry – Technology improvements have reduced the cost and the complexity of printing so much that it’s almost hard to believe at times. With Print On Demand (POD) capability, anyone can self publish their book and do it inexpensively.

In the past, a publisher had to select your manuscript to be published and usually you had to commit to a purchase of some considerable volume of books if you wanted any, , , unless they thought you had a best seller.  You were at the mercy of the publisher.

Print On Demand literally turned the publishing industry upside down and made it more accessible for millions of promising writers, , , plus we can order 100 books or just 1 book at a time if we like. It truly is “print on demand”.

Technology has the ability when appropriately focused to turn situations upside down and to totally shift the norm.

Now, that’s what we call leverage !!

Use technology wisely.

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