46th IT Manager Institute

Earlier this week I held the 46th IT Manager Institute at Graymere Country Club in Columbia, TN. This has turned out to be a great venue for us and we look forward to delivering more training programs at Graymere.

This class was super with quite a diverse group of managers, , , a couple with many years of management experience and a few who are new to IT management, , , many different industries from mining to healthcare to manufacturing and distribution to newspaper media and banking, , , and from many parts of the world including Uganda, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

This was a fun class, , , they connected on the first day and we had a great time.

Here are a few photos of the week, , ,

Class dinner at River Terraces overlooking the Duck River

Our class paparazzi on the left (Mark) about to catch Muj asleep at dinner

Lunch at Graymere, , , always a good meal

James and Amr traveled the farthest, , , from Uganda and Saudi Arabia

Hanging around after the first day deciding where to go for dinner

Amr and Randy having fun at dinner

Paying close attention during class

Getting ready to order a great meal at the class dinner

Muj and Karen at dinner

Robert and James posing for the camera

Getting ready to talk about budgeting

Special guest Jon Pyles, a founder of TechRepublic and IT Business Edge, shared the last two days with us

IT Manager Institute #46 – class photo

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