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Big plans for 2012

As you look at your own IT management situation, new optimism occurs with the beginning of each new year. The holidays are over and a new year has begun.

Have you developed your 2012 plans, , , do you know what you want to accomplish in this new year?

We have big plans for 2012 at MDE Enterprises, Inc. and have been working very hard to get positioned for 2012. Let me outline the key components for you:

A.  IT Manager Institute training – our flagship IT Manager Institute training program will expand in 2012 with webinar training and we will add many more IT managers to the ITBMC certification list. Our goal is to make this exceptional training value available to every IT manager in the world by making it accessible and affordable. There are now 3 options to attend the IT Manager Institute and gain your ITBMC status.
–  Classroom  –  Five classes scheduled so far with trips to Dubai and Atlanta.
–  Webinar  –  IT Manager Institute webinar class will be delivered each quarter.
–  Self Study  –   IT Manager Institute SELF STUDY program is the most affordable and one of the best values we have.

B. WEBINAR Training Series – We plan to deliver 1-hour webinar classes to expand our reach considerably in 2012, to make our training more affordable for many, and to be able to offer a variety of IT manager training topics.
–  2 webinar classes delivered each month and recorded for future access. Our first webinar classes include:

  • Feb 6 – Boost Your Career With a Professional Development Plan
  • Feb 13 – Communicate IT Success With an IT Initiatives Portfolio
  • Mar 12 – Turn Difficult Clients Into Opportunities
  • Mar 26 – Dealing With Problem Employees
  • Apr 9 – Triple Threat to IT Success
  • Apr 16 – IT Assessment: the key to success

–  Quarterly IT Manager Institute webinar programs

  • Monday-Friday, February 20-24
  • Monday-Friday, April 23-27
  • Monday-Friday, July 23-27
  • Monday-Friday, November 12-16

C. 20 Minute IT Manager Series – Tom Mochal and I are developing new 20 Minute IT Manager sessions and will start delivering two per month. Here is the list of topics for the first six months:

  • Jan – Value-Add PMO (TM)
  • Jan – Simple Client Survey Tells You a Lot (MS)
  • Feb – Successfully Market Your PMO (TM)
  • Feb – Effective IT Staff Meetings (MS)
  • Mar – Managing Outsourced Projects (TM)
  • Mar – 10 Ways To Improve Client Service (MS)
  • Apr – Five Keys to Project Success (TM)
  • Apr – Prioritizing IT Projects (MS)
  • May – Applying Project Governance (TM)
  • May – IT Self Evaluation Checklist (MS)
  • Jun – Optimizing Project Resources (TM)
  • Jun – Create an IT Manager Dashboard (MS)

D. IT Due Diligence and Assimilation Program – Join me in a 2-day training program to learn what you need to know about IT due diligence and assimilation when acquiring another company. The process and tools are based upon my due diligence and transition experience in over 40 company acquisitions.

  • March 27-28, 2012 – Columbia, TN

E.  Books and tools – You probably know I devoted considerable time in 2011 to rewrite my first 10 books. They are completed and now called Mike Sisco’s Practical IT Manager GOLD Series. This series includes an updated IT Manager ToolKit and has been our top seller for 10 years, , , and it just got a whole lot better. CLICK HERE for info.

New book titles + new tools will be released in 2012. Stay tuned.

F.  New products – We have been hard at work to bring two new services to our IT manager community. The first is a Membership Program that allows you to access tools, training and products from our huge inventory of IT manager resources. There will be 3 levels – FREE, Silver, and Gold. Become a Premium Member and save. Active GOLD Members will receive new products and training we deliver.

The second product gives you the ability to earn commissions by creating awareness of our IT manager products. Affiliate status is available to a very select group, , , you have to be an IT Manager Institute graduate or a current GOLD Member of our membership program to participate. We are testing this system now and plan to roll it out in January to our Institute graduates first.

2012 is going to be a super year full of new experiences and great new projects to work on as we continue our mission of, “helping IT managers of the world achieve more success”.

I wish you the best of success as you enter this new year’s challenges and opportunities.

MDE.net has moved to ITManagerInstitute.com

Well, it is finally completed, , , our web sites have been completely overhauled using a WordPress foundation. The mde.net web site will be phased out over time and we have moved to itmanagerinstitute.com.


Pretty simple, , , the old web site certainly needed a facelift plus the tools we were using were not very search engine friendly although we rank pretty good in some keyword instances.

I also felt we needed to brand “IT Manager Institute” more with a .com domain.

In addition, we have many new products (some in place already and a few being developed) and wanted to replace our order process, shopping cart, and fulfillment tools, , , so everything really needed to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Lastly, maintaining a web site with WordPress tools is so easy I couldn’t resist making the move to this environment. Creating the ITLever Blog opened my eyes to how much more fun and productive it can be.

The heavy lifting is completed. I’m sure we will find things that need “tweaking” but the new site is up and running and we are selling books, tools, and training from it already. We are pleased with the conversion. mde.net will stay up for a few months because of some of the page rankings in the search engines.

Hope you like our new itmanagerinstitute.com web site.

46th IT Manager Institute

Earlier this week I held the 46th IT Manager Institute at Graymere Country Club in Columbia, TN. This has turned out to be a great venue for us and we look forward to delivering more training programs at Graymere.

This class was super with quite a diverse group of managers, , , a couple with many years of management experience and a few who are new to IT management, , , many different industries from mining to healthcare to manufacturing and distribution to newspaper media and banking, , , and from many parts of the world including Uganda, Canada, and Saudi Arabia.

This was a fun class, , , they connected on the first day and we had a great time.

Here are a few photos of the week, , ,

Class dinner at River Terraces overlooking the Duck River

Our class paparazzi on the left (Mark) about to catch Muj asleep at dinner

Lunch at Graymere, , , always a good meal

James and Amr traveled the farthest, , , from Uganda and Saudi Arabia

Hanging around after the first day deciding where to go for dinner

Amr and Randy having fun at dinner

Paying close attention during class

Getting ready to order a great meal at the class dinner

Muj and Karen at dinner

Robert and James posing for the camera

Getting ready to talk about budgeting

Special guest Jon Pyles, a founder of TechRepublic and IT Business Edge, shared the last two days with us

IT Manager Institute #46 – class photo

IT Manager Institute

I’ll deliver the 46th IT Manager Institute in Columbia, TN on September 20-23, 2011. It is the only one planned for the remainder of the year.

Graymere Country Club – site of the 46th IT Manager Institute

I reduced my travel this year to focus on a couple of major projects and participants in this class will receive new products I plan to announce soon.

Reserve your seat now and join me in the most practical “how to” IT manager training in the industry. There is a simple reason we have 100% positive feedback from everyone who attends this class, , , it works!!

Details are at www.mde.net/institute

Read testimonials at www.mde.net/institute/page4.html

See photos at www.itlever.com/institute-photos

MDE Enterprises highlighted in Profile Magazine

Our company was highlighted in the May/June edition of Profile Magazine. Check them out at www.profilemagazineonline.com.

Lots of interesting articles.

Read the article.