Tell me your best gadget story

Technology “gadgets” are great.

They boost productivity, make things easier, or are just fun to have. Whether it is a GPS device, a golf range finder, imaging software, iPad app, new headphones, or a Yoda flash drive, , , we like our “toys”.

I want to hear about the gadgets you like the most.

Post a comment to this post and tell me about your favorite gadgets, , , and do not assume everyone knows about it. I can guarantee the simplest thing you have will be new to many of us. Read my story below and you will see why I say this.

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New discovery of an old technology
My brother, Mark, is a great guy with lots of knowledge. He has worked on some extremely large projects and traveled to many parts of the world as a result like China,  Scotland, Ireland, and France.

I’m always learning new things from him, , , especially about new technology gadgets, photography, etc. He has a lot of knowledge about many things.

His youngest daughter graduated from high school last Thursday and we went to his house afterward for a little celebration.

As I entered his home, Mark tells me he has this great new gadget he is very excited about.  I’m always interested when I hear this because he finds some truly great things, , , and for him to be excited about it means it will be something truly special.

What shocked me was when he showed me a Logitech Presenter, , , a hand-held device that includes a USB component to plug into your laptop’s USB connection. It allows you to page your PowerPoint presentations forward and backward, , , a wireless presentation clicker.

Neat – yes, , , it just blew me away that he is just discovering this great little gadget. I’ve been using one for 9 years in my IT Manager Institute class. Don’t know what I would do without it. No cords to fool with and allows me to roam all over the room, , ,  even includes a laser pointer. Like I said, it is a great tool if you make presentations.

The point, , , don’t assume others know what you know. I wrote a post about this topic titled, Others may not know what you know, , , you might want to read it.

This incident reinforced with me again just how true this is.  If someone had told me Mark would not know about this little gadget, I would have laughed, , , sure enough, the laugh would have been on me. Only wish I had told him about it years ago, , , and I’m wondering what little gadgets he knows about  but hasn’t thought to tell me.

Mark, if you read this, post a comment and share a couple of your best gadgets.

I hope everyone who reads this post will take two minutes to make a comment and share their gadget story.

8 responses to “Tell me your best gadget story

  1. I have also been using Evernote for the past couple of months. You need to pay for the service to get rid of the advertising but it is not expensive at all. Very convenient software to use.

  2. Richard Wollenberger

    Not new anymore, but having an iPhone has totally changed the way I work. It IS like having a small laptop with me everywhere I go, and has almost completely eliminated the need to carry a laptop. I’m sure the brand of phone is not relevant, but being this portable has made it easier for me to be connected when I need to, and my staff/company doesn’t abuse that.

    • Hi Richard,
      I have to agree, , , I love my iPhone and never really liked a cell phone that much prior to getting it. I’ve had a couple of Blackberry’s and just didn’t like them.

      Good one, , , sometimes the obvious is left out so glad you mentioned it.

      Hope you are doing well and having many successes.

  3. I use lot’s of gadgets, but the Best Gadget currently in my collection is a 4G MiFi “Wireless Access Point” that I carry around to have internet service no matter where I am. I have used the device on the Beach, on a Boat on the Lake or on the Road while traveling so my family can surf the net in the car while I do all the Driving. Most major wireless cell phone providers carry these types of devices now.

    Happy Surfing and thank you Mike for your Blog!

    • Len, thank you for sharing. Knowing you like I do I can see how you would use this quite a bit to stay connected with your company when traveling, etc.

      I took a quick look at a couple and looks like prices range from $25 to $99 for the device plus a monthly data plan of about $50.00 per month. I’m wondering if this would work for me at my Camp Liberty where we are in a dead zone for cell phone service. I have a satellite dish for Internet, but a 4G MiFi plan would be cheaper and be more flexible for our use if it works down there.

      Thanks again for sharing, , , interested in hearing about any gadgets you care to share with us.

  4. Sherief Farid

    Hi Mike,
    My best Gadget is actually a small software and online service that I can use from all My HW. Starting from the company issued notebook (Windows 7) to my personal Notebook (MAC) to the Iphone, Blackberry, and Ipad. Its called Evernote
    Evernote is an online service where you store notes and ideas and these can be in the form of an audio, picture or just typed text. If you have the client installed it also integrates with all your popular applications like internet explorer and outlook and you can just “export” stuff from there to your space on evernote. The cool thing is that even if you don’t have an internet connection you can type, shoot or record what you want and then it will sync when you go online.
    I’ve been using this small app for three years now and it is really a WOW thing

    Sherief F

    • Thanks Sherief. I took a quick look at Evernote at and thinking about trying it myself for some of the things I do, , , like collecting article topics for ITLever.

      Best of all, Evernote if free. I appreciate you sharing your “gadget”.

  5. I use a software product called ProShow Producer developed by Photodex to make great shows from my photo collection. Lots of animation effects and tons of creative options. Go to to learn more.

    ProShow Producer costs $249.95, , , a lighter version called ProShow Gold is $69.95. I used the Gold version for many years and it will work just fine for most.

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