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Tell me your best gadget story

Technology “gadgets” are great.

They boost productivity, make things easier, or are just fun to have. Whether it is a GPS device, a golf range finder, imaging software, iPad app, new headphones, or a Yoda flash drive, , , we like our “toys”.

I want to hear about the gadgets you like the most.

Post a comment to this post and tell me about your favorite gadgets, , , and do not assume everyone knows about it. I can guarantee the simplest thing you have will be new to many of us. Read my story below and you will see why I say this.

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New discovery of an old technology
My brother, Mark, is a great guy with lots of knowledge. He has worked on some extremely large projects and traveled to many parts of the world as a result like China,  Scotland, Ireland, and France.

I’m always learning new things from him, , , especially about new technology gadgets, photography, etc. He has a lot of knowledge about many things.

His youngest daughter graduated from high school last Thursday and we went to his house afterward for a little celebration.

As I entered his home, Mark tells me he has this great new gadget he is very excited about.  I’m always interested when I hear this because he finds some truly great things, , , and for him to be excited about it means it will be something truly special.

What shocked me was when he showed me a Logitech Presenter, , , a hand-held device that includes a USB component to plug into your laptop’s USB connection. It allows you to page your PowerPoint presentations forward and backward, , , a wireless presentation clicker.

Neat – yes, , , it just blew me away that he is just discovering this great little gadget. I’ve been using one for 9 years in my IT Manager Institute class. Don’t know what I would do without it. No cords to fool with and allows me to roam all over the room, , ,  even includes a laser pointer. Like I said, it is a great tool if you make presentations.

The point, , , don’t assume others know what you know. I wrote a post about this topic titled, Others may not know what you know, , , you might want to read it.

This incident reinforced with me again just how true this is.  If someone had told me Mark would not know about this little gadget, I would have laughed, , , sure enough, the laugh would have been on me. Only wish I had told him about it years ago, , , and I’m wondering what little gadgets he knows about  but hasn’t thought to tell me.

Mark, if you read this, post a comment and share a couple of your best gadgets.

I hope everyone who reads this post will take two minutes to make a comment and share their gadget story.