Fail to plan, , , plan to fail

A key success factor for any IT Manager is the ability to plan for the future.

Most don’t !

Believe it or not, more IT managers fail to plan than do, , ,  because it’s hard work and much easier to react to issues rather than develop a concise plan of attack.

Executing well and being aligned with your business has a lot to do with how well you plan. Planning is the most significant part of high levels of achievement.

Planning literally puts you in the “driver’s seat”. It establishes clear expectations of  what you will do, when and how. Planning also sends the message to others around you that you are organized, decisive, and willing to make the effort to get the job done properly with minimal surprise and problems.

Many fail to plan because it is easier to “wing it”. When you “shoot from the hip”, surprise, problems, and ultimately failure are right around the corner.

It’s just a matter of time.

None of us are good enough to successfully execute projects and technology initiatives without a solid plan.

Can you imagine a construction company putting up a building without a plan? Or how about a heart surgeon replacing a heart valve without planning the operation thoroughly, , , down to having contingency procedures in place in case the operation doesn’t go well?

Managing an IT organization certainly isn’t heart surgery but the outcome of proper planning is just as predictable in the IT world as in surgery or building construction.

Key thoughts about planning:
–  Planning helps you anticipate major issues
–  Planning organizes your team for success
–  Planning is a leadership quality
–  Planning will enhance your career
–  Planning develops your management insight
–  Planning helps you create predictable results
–  Planning is a requirement and not a “nice to have”

The phrase at the top of this post is a truism, , , don’t allow yourself to fail by not planning. Do your planning work and success is much more achievable.

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