Weekend at Camp Liberty

Record heat in Middle Tennessee doesn’t deter us from spending the weekend at our Camp Liberty on the Buffalo River. We were also here last weekend.

It’s a different world down here, , , quiet and peaceful beyond description, , , except for the birds singing, , , the frogs croaking, , , and the fresh water “Alf’s Branch” spring next to our camp rippling its way into the Buffalo.

Hot as it was yesterday – 110 degrees Fahrenheit, , , this morning at 6:00am was cool and very nice. As the sun began rising above the Buffalo River, it made for some good photography time, , , here are a few photos taken this morning.

Miss Liberty as you can see is a prominent part of our camp as she watches over the river. She is why we call the camp, “Camp Liberty”.

We always find our way here as we approach the 4th of July, our Independence Day. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to stay through the 4th, , , got some work I have to do out of town, , , maybe next year.

Even so, we are having barbeque ribs tonight with Dorine’s family, Kenny and Cindy. Sure looking forward to it as Kenny is a great cook and it’s always fun to spend time with them.

Enjoy your 4th f July.

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