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Weekend at Camp Liberty

Record heat in Middle Tennessee doesn’t deter us from spending the weekend at our Camp Liberty on the Buffalo River. We were also here last weekend.

It’s a different world down here, , , quiet and peaceful beyond description, , , except for the birds singing, , , the frogs croaking, , , and the fresh water “Alf’s Branch” spring next to our camp rippling its way into the Buffalo.

Hot as it was yesterday – 110 degrees Fahrenheit, , , this morning at 6:00am was cool and very nice. As the sun began rising above the Buffalo River, it made for some good photography time, , , here are a few photos taken this morning.

Miss Liberty as you can see is a prominent part of our camp as she watches over the river. She is why we call the camp, “Camp Liberty”.

We always find our way here as we approach the 4th of July, our Independence Day. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to stay through the 4th, , , got some work I have to do out of town, , , maybe next year.

Even so, we are having barbeque ribs tonight with Dorine’s family, Kenny and Cindy. Sure looking forward to it as Kenny is a great cook and it’s always fun to spend time with them.

Enjoy your 4th f July.

Camp Liberty in the fall

One of the things we like about our Camp Liberty are the fall colors and how peaceful it is down there, , , it is like being in a different world.

Here are a few photos taken last weekend.

Miss Liberty overlooks the Buffalo River

One of the cleanest rivers in the US

Fall colors are getting good

The colors reflecting on the river

Our camp sits on a bluff high above the river

Unexpected guests at Camp Liberty

Last weekend we went down to our Buffalo River camp, , , a rustic 100-year old log cabin we call Camp Liberty, , , mainly because there is a 9-foot Statue of Liberty sitting in the front yard looking up the river.

We hadn’t been down there in about 2 months because I’ve been so busy. It’s in the country with lots of wildlife, , , deer, turkey, coyote, rabbit, raccoon, squirrel, eagles, otter, etc. , , , even a few snakes and other little critters we see.

It’s in the country and in a remote location so we always check out the cabin when we get there to be sure we don’t have a few guests who have over extended their stay. Having a couple of cats also helps in this regard.

When Dorine checked our son’s bed she found a couple of cute things under the pillows.

Everything looks pretty normal

What have we here? Something under each pillow sham, , ,

It’s a single acorn stored neatly under each pillow

I also keep a printer down there and discovered something had eaten an acorn inside the print carriage, , , not too cool but fixable.

Headed back down there this weekend.


Quarterly strategy meeting

Every quarter Tom Mochal and I meet to discuss our two companies. Often, we have others join us who can contribute to the process. This time, Tom and his wife visited us at Camp Liberty and spent the night on the Buffalo River.

Tom and I prepare to meet at “The Point” above the Buffalo River

Our meetings are fairly short, but they mean a great deal to me for many reasons:

  • motivation
  • gaining insight from other viewpoints
  • additional analysis and feedback on my work
  • collaborative process

It’s important for you to collaborate your strategies with others and hear their feedback. It’s not always the feedback you want to hear, but you need to listen closely to what others think of your ideas. Honest opinion from those you trust is extremely valuable, , , and your strategies will be better because of it.

It’s also important for you to hear other strategies, especially if they have a similar business as in the case of Tom and me. Listening to other people’s strategies and ideas can be a great catalyst for your own thought process.

I can’t tell you how many times the light bulb has turned on in my head with a new idea when discussing something in these meetings. It happens at least once in every meeting.

Our 20 Minute IT Manager product concept was spawned in such a meeting way back in 2005. After developing the idea, Tom and I developed weekly training sessions for three years, , , 162 of them as a result. CLICK HERE for info.

In this weekend’s meeting, Tom and I decided to revive the 20 Minute IT Manager and develop more sessions for our audiences. You will see our announcement soon, , , we plan to begin releasing new sessions in June.

It was a great meeting with great friends, , , and I didn’t even charge them the standard Camp Liberty Hotel room rate. 🙂 🙂