Unexpected guests at Camp Liberty

Last weekend we went down to our Buffalo River camp, , , a rustic 100-year old log cabin we call Camp Liberty, , , mainly because there is a 9-foot Statue of Liberty sitting in the front yard looking up the river.

We hadn’t been down there in about 2 months because I’ve been so busy. It’s in the country with lots of wildlife, , , deer, turkey, coyote, rabbit, raccoon, squirrel, eagles, otter, etc. , , , even a few snakes and other little critters we see.

It’s in the country and in a remote location so we always check out the cabin when we get there to be sure we don’t have a few guests who have over extended their stay. Having a couple of cats also helps in this regard.

When Dorine checked our son’s bed she found a couple of cute things under the pillows.

Everything looks pretty normal

What have we here? Something under each pillow sham, , ,

It’s a single acorn stored neatly under each pillow

I also keep a printer down there and discovered something had eaten an acorn inside the print carriage, , , not too cool but fixable.

Headed back down there this weekend.


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