Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

My new HP TouchPad

I was about to order new Apple iPads for us when Chris Beck, one of my IT Manager Institute graduates showed me his HP TouchPad, , , I was impressed.

Was very impressed when we watched one of my IT Manager Institute Self Study sessions at the restaurant, , , you see the iPad does not support flash.

Setup was quick and easy, , , even e-mail was a snap and just a couple of minutes, , , simple, quick, and no glitches, , , gotta love it.

I’m writing this post from my TouchPad. This is another major benefit I can see. I really haven’t been all that interested in purchasing a “pad” of any kind, but my brother and other friends of ours rave about their iPad. Didn’t like the fact it does not support flash, but was about to succumb to the fact there is some real benefit or people I know and trust would not be so high on this technology.

What’s interesting is that the HP TouchPad has been discontinued after only a few months. I purchased mine (a 32GB version) on Amazon for $275.00, , , a great deal for my needs. I just saw one on eBay listed for over $600.00. The 32GB Apple iPad is $599.00.

I ordered iPads for my wife and son so we will compare, , , from what I see so far, setup is much easier on the TouchPad.

So far, I’m very happy with my new TouchPad and sure glad I discovered it.

Thanks for the info Chris.