has moved to

Well, it is finally completed, , , our web sites have been completely overhauled using a WordPress foundation. The web site will be phased out over time and we have moved to


Pretty simple, , , the old web site certainly needed a facelift plus the tools we were using were not very search engine friendly although we rank pretty good in some keyword instances.

I also felt we needed to brand “IT Manager Institute” more with a .com domain.

In addition, we have many new products (some in place already and a few being developed) and wanted to replace our order process, shopping cart, and fulfillment tools, , , so everything really needed to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Lastly, maintaining a web site with WordPress tools is so easy I couldn’t resist making the move to this environment. Creating the ITLever Blog opened my eyes to how much more fun and productive it can be.

The heavy lifting is completed. I’m sure we will find things that need “tweaking” but the new site is up and running and we are selling books, tools, and training from it already. We are pleased with the conversion. will stay up for a few months because of some of the page rankings in the search engines.

Hope you like our new web site.

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