I am a funny man !

I try to be fun, , , even funny , , , and at times, I’m extremely funny. The problem is that maybe no one else realizes it except my wife. She laughs at me all the time because she gets my sense of humor.

The challenge I have is that I have a very dry sense of humor. But I have a secret for you. If you ever met Tom Mochal, you would realize that I am extremely funny.

Just kidding, Tom.

You see, Tom and I both have a dry sense of humor. I can listen to Tom and pick up his very subtle humor, , , and when you “get it”, he is terribly funny, , , I mean very, very funny.

A few weeks ago I said something to my wife and son that literally “cracked me up”. I started laughing at my own comment and couldn’t stop. It was so funny, I was crying. No one else was laughing, but I was totally caught up with how funny this comment was.

Wish I could remember what it was, , , ,

Oh well, the point is that I learned about humor from my Dad and from my son, Eddie.  Daddy Gene (as we called him) and Eddie were born on the same day – November 23rd. Both of them had (my Dad) and have (my son) a great sense of humor. They truly understood how to enjoy life.

Most people who know me would say that I’m a pretty serious guy. Yeah, that fits, , , but there’s a Johnny Carson in me dying to get out and make everyone laugh.

My Dad taught me how to enjoy life to the fullest. He never had a lot of money but what he had was a love of life and the people around him. I’ve often thought he was one of the richest men alive because he enjoyed his life so much. As I get older, I’m hoping I become more and more like him.

I’m pretty certain I’m getting just a little funnier every year.

The lesson: Learn to love your life or make changes so you can. Life is too short to be miserable and not be able to enjoy each and every day. What you will find is that the people around you become more positive forces as well, , , and that’s a good thing for you and your IT organization.

3 responses to “I am a funny man !

  1. Khaled Almoslih

    Dear mike,
    During the IT Manager training course back in dubai Nov, 2010, i noticed those dry jokes as you mentioned it clearly to make it understood for everyone attending the course 🙂

    Some laughed and some didn’t get it, or they didn’t feel it ..

    Being funny is part of someone nature and character ..
    Soome of us have it, and others don’t ..

    For those having the fun side in there character varies, from dry to clear to sarcastic funny ..!

    I tend to sarcastic funny my self, and normally the jokes or comments i make to some words i hear or read are sarcastic, and i never laugh on them, but others do..
    While a lot of people joining us might not respond, they just open their mouths woundering why those are laughing 😦

    Every one of us can be funny, but is he really funny?

    Others can decide about us better ..

    Best Regards,
    Khaled Almoslih, ITBMC

  2. Thanks Kunle, , , I totally agree with E.E. Cummings.

  3. I believe we all are funny in one way or the other having a sense of humor makes life a lot easier,the truth is when we make other people laugh and bring smiles to their faces ,it touches us in a unique way,In the work environment especially in the IT work environment,cracking jokes and all relieves a lot of stress and tension that may occur especially when everyone is so uptight and when you are faced with tight deadlines,nothing can compare to it.as E.E. Cummings wrote “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ~”

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