The best project management resource I know

I have managed hundreds of projects in my career and even worked for a project management company at one point, , , but the company with the best and most practical resources I’ve seen is Tom Mochal’s company, TenStep, Inc. (

I’ve known Tom since 2002 when we discovered one another writing articles for TechRepublic. Little did we know that we lived just 20 miles from one another in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Thankfully, we met for lunch and got to know one another because not long after we would move “back home” to Tennessee.

Tom Mochal

Tom is one of those rare people that when you meet him, you know immediately he is someone you want to work with. Over the years I have gotten to know Tom quite well and invited him into my inner circle, , , we try to meet quarterly to discuss business issues and to collaborate as we strategize the future of our companies.

TenStep provides pretty much anything you want for project management, from training you to managing a project for you. Tom is one of the foremost authorities on PM methodology and Program Management in the PM space.

TenStep has an unbelievable amount of training for all levels of project managers including classroom, webinar, and e-Learning, , , probably as much or more than any company in this space.

TenStep also has international partners who carry the TenStep brand, , , you can find them on the TenStep web site at

I’ve worked with dozens of project managers over the years, and Tom is at the top of the list. I’ve seen him in action on a few projects and no one handles PM issues any better, , , he is truly world class.

In looking back, I think Tom was absolutely the best choice to partner with when developing the 20 Minute IT Manager e-Learning series. He and I delivered 162, 20-minute sessions, , ,  a new session every week for 3 years. See the list at

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