Daily Archives: December 3, 2010

A nice file transfer tool

Profile Magazine is writing an article about my company for a future edition and they need some high resolution photos. As you know, sending large files can be a pain. Even when zipped, image files are still quite large and can hang up an email system.

What do you do if you need to transfer a 120MB file?

Well, the people at Profile Magazine turned me onto a super utility that helps facilitate this process. It’s a free online service called WeTransfer.

WeTransfer gives you the ability to transfer one or more files up to 2GB to anyone with an email address.

The user interface is as simple as can be. After selecting the files you want to transfer and the email addresses you want to send them to, you can include a text message.

Select Transfer and you see a nice monitoring window that tells you the status of your file upload as it sends the file(s) to a temporary Internet storage facility.

Once the file transfer is completed, your targeted recipient(s) receives an email message with a download link to retrieve the file(s). This way no one’s email server gets hung up. In addition, you receive a Thank You email message that includes an option to share the file(s) with more people or to download the file(s) yourself.

When the recipient actually downloads the file(s), you as the Sender receive a nice email message telling you your recipient has retrieved the file(s). This is a very nice touch so you know everything went through.

Simple tools like WeTransfer can help your productivity. More importantly, they reduce the “hassle factor” in your life, , , and that’s a good thing.

WeTransfer is a free service at www.wetransfer.com

Do you have tools you would like to share, , , either something you created yourself or you discovered like in my case with WeTransfer? Comment on this post and let me know about your favorite tool(s). If they are helpful, I’ll create an article to share with our ITLever readers and give you credit for your submission.