Snow in London, Ontario

This morning I delegated responsibilities to a couple of our IT Manager Institute students. Ian Mackay got two assignments. First, he is responsible to keep the room at a temperature that everyone feels comfortable with. It’s a challenging assignment since the thermostat for our room seemed to work on either On or Off mode.

Ian’s second responsibility is to be our paparazzi and to take photos of the class during the week. He took the photo in the last post I added about an hour ago.

I told him I would like to have a couple of snow pictures to remember this class with so tonight he sent me the photo below. Like I said, , , it is very white and cold here.

Just saw on the news it is -7 degrees Celsius, , , that’s in the 20’s Fahrenheit. Brrrrrr, , , a stark contrast from my Tanzania class in December where it was in the 90’s every day.

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