Daily Archives: March 31, 2011

Put your oars in the water and row together

You don’t get very far in life unless you put all your oars in the water and row together.

You sort of have two choices, , , float along with the current and you will end up somewhere downstream, , , but probably not where you want to go.

The other choice is to put your oars in the water and focus on your destination to go right to it. Put all the oars in and row together and you will get there even faster.

My management team did a short skit (a play) many years ago to show our employees what we mean by “working together”. I even gave them a souvenir to remember the event, , ,  a short oar, actually a boat paddle , , , still have mine in my office.

Teamwork is not an easy thing for many of your people. Over 90% of them are independent and like to do things their way and do it themselves, , , not the best recipe for creating a team player.

It’s up to the IT manager to help your employees learn how to work as a team and discover how valuable it is when you do.

Go get ’em.

Dinner at Moxie’s

The IT Manager Institute is highlighted with a class dinner toward the end of the program. In last week’s class we held the dinner the night of the last day. Everyone was very relaxed as you will see from the photos.

CLICK HERE or on the image above to take a look.

What a great time we had. All of our dinners have been fun and every one of them unique. This one was great fun and the photos prove it. Moxie’s turned out to be a super place and this group of Canadians made it all the more enjoyable.

There was some “jabbing” going on, but I always get the last jab, , , because I’m a professional when it comes to jabbing and having fun with people. See the dinner photo captions and you will see why I can say this.