Snow, snow, , , and more snow

In the US we are getting hit by snow storm after snow storm, , , and we are ready for it to stop, , , but still 3-4 more weeks of winter left.

In fact, it’s snowing really hard here right now. I’m interested in whether you are getting more snow this year, , , for those of you who get snow.

A quick poll:

2 responses to “Snow, snow, , , and more snow

  1. Ed, , , that’s a good one. I’ll have to start sharing the many “extra” uses the IT Management-101 book has when I hand them out in my IT Manager Institute classes. The fact you came up with this does not surprise me!! I’m ready for spring, , , how about you?

    Hope you are doing well.

  2. During times of snow, sometimes you have to improvise. As I exited my building last night, the only workable snow scraper I had in my car was my I/T management 101 book. It worked as it has for several years whenever I get stuck with planning issues. Mike I dried the book and it is still good as new. It has a high quality cover that is truly snow resistant plus excellent material inside!

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