A company album to be proud of

Remember when you were in school and they created a class yearbook? They are great for retaining memories for a lifetime. One of the things I wish I had are some of the memories of my professional life. I have a few but not as many as I would like.

Right now, you may be experiencing one of the best times of your entire career but don’t yet realize it. I can remember three specific situations that I consider to be the “best of my career”. Unfortunately, I have only my personal memories.

It would be nice to have more photos and memorabilia from these special times.

Have you ever thought about creating a company album? I’m not talking about a photo album where you insert photos in plastic pages, , , I’m talking about full color high quality “coffee table” books made up of whatever topic and design you choose to create.

The publishing business has turned upside down with the innovation of technology, , , I mean completely upside down.

In a matter of a few hours, you can create a high quality photo book of any subject you like and have it sitting in your office in a few days, , , and at an unbelievable cost. All you need are the photos or images and your creative imagination.

I did this one of my son in less than an hour.  I wasn’t trying to be very creative, , , we just wanted a hard copy of a few of his photos to share with friends. It made great Christmas presents. CLICK HERE to view.

With digital photography, it is simple and easy to do, , , and extremely economical. Plus you can make your book available online to anyone for free, or they can order a real book for themselves.

My wife and I have created 5 or 6 of these “photo books”, and they are very special to us. My brother created three books about his 2-week trip to Italy. I’m about to create another for a very special gift to my wife. In fact, creating one for a Christmas gift is what got me interested in them.

I have one to remember my IT Manager Institute classes, , , a very special time in my life. CLICK HERE to view the book I created for the first five years of the program. At the end of 2012, I plan to create another for the next 5 years.

I wish I had one for each of the great company experiences I’ve had in my career.

Check out the book we created about our Buffalo River camp we call Camp Liberty. CLICK HERE

Why do I tell you all of this?

Our friends are amazed at our ability to do some of the things we do, , , like create nice photo books we can share with them. They don’t know how to even start to do this but would really like to.

As an IT organization, your clients and users are often in the same predicament as my friends, , , they don’t realize what can be done and even if they did, they wouldn’t know where to start or would be too intimidated by the technology to do it.

I tell my friends, “If I can do this, the technology can’t be that difficult.”, , , but because they know my IT management background, they think I’m very technical. It’s the farthest from the truth, , , the fact is, they are intimidated by technology so they don’t try.

Your CEO might be very interested in something like this as a way to create company cameraderie or give as a gift to employees, , , or to sit in the lobby for guests to browse through.

We use MyPublisher.com, but there are many to choose from. Simply do a keyword search on “photo books” and you will find several.

I chose MyPublisher because of the creative flexibility with the layout and the price. They are always promoting special discounts and that’s when we usually order. For example, they are running a Father’s Day special right now that would cut the cost of my IT Manager Institute book by two-thirds.  It’s a 96-page, full color hard bound book with dust cover, , , my price to reorder would be about $40.00. Now that’s a great bargain.

The other great thing is that when you publish a book for yourself, they give you a link to share the online version with your friends. They do this to advertise their service, but what a great deal. Who knows, , , this concept might even be a promotional idea your company could use.

When people view an online book, they can view the entire book for free or order a hard copy for themselves if they wish. This is nice if you don’t want to be in the order taking and fulfillment business.

A product like this would have cost $500.00 or more ten years ago. Today with the innovations in the publishing industry, it’s very inexpensive.

Take a look at the albums I shared with you and consider developing a Company Album, , , it might go over extremely well with your senior managers and marketing people.

You have to see one to believe how great the quality is, and it is a treasured product that will last a lifetime.

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