Risk #6: Security

The sixth risk listed in the Six Key Risks a CIO Must Avoid post is

Security in a company includes many things, , , from physical security, systems security, Data Center security to network access security. Most of these security aspects have technology involved in some way.

Security plays a huge role in our lives today, , , especially for technology managers.

As systems become more advanced and are depended upon more by everyone in your company to do their job, your ability to provide a secure technology environment is a prerequisite to IT success.

A CIO now needs to be aware of all types of security issues, , , even potentially physical security as certain physical security devices and processes are dependent upon technology.

In a company of any size, it behooves the CIO and senior management team to have a security officer who can focus time and attention to security.

A security breach can have major impact on the productivity and stability of a company. Security is a risk all CIO’s need to focus on to protect the company and its employees.

To provide reliable security for your company, you should:

  • Have a security focus and assign accountability for each security component
    • Systems
    • Database
    • Network
    • Building and facilities
    • Privacy
    • Password
  • Develop security policies and procedures and communicate them to your work force
  • Create monitoring systems to evaluate compliance
  • Conduct random security breach tests to evaluate your security procedures

It’s important to constantly evaluate your company’s security measures as things, especially technology, changes constantly. Becoming complacent into thinking everything is “OK” can cause you to experience a big and possibly painful surprise one day. Managing security needs a proactive focus that always asks two questions:

  • “Is this security component still secure?”
  • “What is the impact if this security component fails?”

Place a focus on security and make someone accountable can help you sleep better at night.

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