Five IT Manager Institute programs held in 2015

Five more IT Manager Institutes delivered in 2015 (3 in Dubai, UAE and 2 in the US). I was fortunate to meet some super IT managers from many parts of the world including:

Countries_2015Here are class photos.

IT Manager Institute #72 – Dubai, UAE – October 2015

IT Manager Institute #71 – Columbia, TN – September 2015

IT Manager Institute-70IT Manager Institute #70 – Dubai, UAE – May 2015

Institute69-4IT Manager Institute #69 – Dubai, UAE – March 2015

Institute_68IT Manager Institute #68 – Columbia, TN – February 2015

2 responses to “Five IT Manager Institute programs held in 2015

  1. Sir,

    When did you come to Nigeria? When are you coming again?

    Best regards, Abraham Ondoma

    • Hi Abraham,
      I have delivered several IT Manager Institute programs in Nigeria but it has been a few years. No current plans to return although we are looking at options in being able to deliver more training in Nigeria.

      Best regards and success,

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