Advice for a new IT Applications Manager

A few days ago, I received a message from someone who was just promoted to IT Applications Manager, , , i.e., a Programming Support Manager who supports business applications in his company.

His question
“I have about 10 years of IT experience, and currently facing a new challenge by accepting an offer to handle a job of IT Applications Manager. I am seeking your help and advice. What is the best for me to order from your products/books/tools which helps me to manage the Applications Department?”

I gave him an answer about which of my books and tools would be of assistance and told him I would post additional insight on my ITLever Blog, , , so here goes.

Additional insights
Congratulations on your promotion. I assume your ten years of IT experience was probably as a programmer, , , which led to your selection as the next IT Applications Manager, sometimes called Programming Support Manager, Business Applications Manager, etc.

This promotion takes you to a responsibility that is totally different from what your experience has been. Now, instead of depending predominately upon what you can do yourself, you are going to be depending upon other people on your team to get the job done.

It can be a difficult transition unless you have a path to follow and tools to help you.

The first thing I would do is review the ITLever post titled, New IT Manager needs a fast start and download the fast start tool. There is also a 20 Minute IT Manager training session on this topic you can watch. CLICK HERE to view.

Second, I suggest you subscribe to my free Practical IT Manager Tips newsletter and read the free e-book, IT Management-101: fundamentals to achieve more when you subscribe at

Third, browse through the posts of this ITLever Blog, , , lots of IT management insights and tools you can download.

As a new manager, there are several things you need to know how to do:

1.  Determine what to work on
This is all about conducting an effective IT assessment. My book titled, Acquisition: IT Due Diligence lays out a step by step process and all the tools you need to determine the business needs and issues of your client. This is the demand side that should be what drives your IT support focus.

2.  Understand your organization’s capabilities and capacity
The other side of an IT assessment is the supply side, , , what can you do and how much can you do. In order to manage your client’s expectations about support delivery, you must know this part as well. Details are included in the book, Acquisition: IT Due Diligence

3.  Implement a programming change management process
You must have a simple change management process to deliver programming support effectively. Review the 20 Minute IT Manager training session titled Managing a Programming Backlog.
CLICK HERE to review.

4.  Manage the quality of your team’s work
Quality is key. CLICK HERE to review the 20 Minute IT Manager training session titled, Improving Programming Quality.

5.  Track and communicate the results
Communicate your results or no one will know what you are getting accomplished. Make it a point to report on your programming support status and completion activity on a monthly basis.

I hope this information is helpful and I wish you the best of success in your new management role.

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