VISA woes – we are headed to Atlanta

Well, the New York efforts did not work, , , seems that we just lost precious time. With all the inquiries they were getting about my VISA application (from a Senator’s office, from a House of Representative’s office, even from their own Embassy in Washington, D.C.), I’m hoping no one has put me on the Interpol list.

The good news is that the Consulate General in the Atlanta Consul seems to understand my situation, , , talked to him three times now, , , and he called me to respond to my situation, , , a nice man and very professional.

So, , , I’m headed to Atlanta in a few minutes. The interesting thing is that the Atlanta Consulate is in Roswell, GA, , , within 3 miles of where we lived for 20 years, so I’ll get to eat dinner tonight at Ippolito’s and maybe see some friends.

Dark clouds usually have silver linings.

Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, I’m on my way home with the Nigeria Business VISA stamped in my passport, , , with 1 day to spare. I may get to see the Nigeria flag after all.  Nothing like playing it close!!!!!!


Keep your fingers crossed, , , it is a 4-hour drive to Atlanta so I hope all goes as planned, , , will be disappointing if it doesn’t.

Positive thoughts create positive energy, , , helps you succeed in life and in business.

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