VISA woes continue, , , but maybe a ray of light

I ended the day yesterday with a small bit of optimism that the Nigeria VISA will be issued and everything will come together, , , don’t get your hopes up too quickly.

This morning we had another call with the New York Consulate General – it was not very promising, although he was very professional and seems to want to help. Still, looks like a possible challenge to work through the process they are requiring in time.

Hopeful News !! Just got a call from the Consulate General in the Atlanta Embassy. He has committed to issue the VISA if I visit the Embassy this week and states, “there is no reason you should require a Work Visa to deliver a 1-week training class”.

That’s what my sponsoring company in Nigeria and I thought!!!

Called New York back to ask them to ship the documents and passport to me overnight, , , now, they are having a problem locating the file.

Can you believe it? Feeling like I’m living in Murphy’s World – remember Murphy’s Law? — “If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.”

The positive part is that New York stated they are trying to issue the VISA and they do not want me to miss traveling to Nigeria to provide the training.

The good news is that we may now have two Embassies trying to help when early Monday morning we had no one.

Keeping our fingers crossed.

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